Porcelain clay is used as one of the main materials for the necklaces, as it is reminiscent of smooth pebbles, on the beach, worn thin by the sea. Its tactile properties, allow for variations within the design of each pendant.


Each porcelain pendant is decorated using a form of relief, from either organic matter or specially designed linocuts. Colour is applied using underglazes, glazes, painting or a combination of the former.


Every pendant is embellished with semi-precious or glass beads, finished with a sterling silver chain and fittings, to create a truly beautiful piece of jewellery.

Blossom Range


This range of necklaces are light and delicate and, as porcelain is a natural material, warm to the touch and very comfortable against the skin. Each necklace contains a complementary colour scheme with asymmetrical design.

Pop Range


These beautiful hand-crafted pieces are contemporary with a nod to the latest bohemian retro trend. They are bold statement necklaces, surprisingly light considering their larger size and suited for someone who is not afraid to express who they are.

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